Thing #3. Set Up an RSS Account & Add Feeds

Number 3 of 23 Things is to Set up a RSS Account and Add Feeds.

RSS feeds are the topic for #3. One of the items that the 23 folks listed was video which is super fun and very informative on RSS’s. One concern I have always had about RSS feeds is information overload. Getting too much of a good thing. Too many feeds streams feeding in.

I sent up a Bloglines account ages ago, but I never look at it and always seem to forget its there. So last week I set up a Google Reader account, but I did not add any feeds. So I just added a few feeds now:, LISNews, The Shifted Librarian. I should go in an add in all the blogs I usually read, but that will take some time. So I will do it later ūüôā

I also have an iGoogle account with some of my feeds added are in there too.
Does it ever seem like we just keep adding the same blogs to newer places? For me…I first bookmark things at home and at the job (or various jobs), then I added some of them to my blog, then I added them to my delicious account, them I added them my Bloglines account (which I dont read, but they are in there anyways), and now some are in my Google Reader and iGoogle! Talk about craziness, reminds me of buying a movie on VHS and then getting it DVD, plus an extended version or directors cut (yes I am one of the crazy folks who has numerous copies of Star Wars and LOTR) or buying an a record (man, I miss records), then getting the same thing on a cassette, then on a DVD and now my iPod!

So some quests about RSS and newsreaders from the 23 Things folks:

  • What do you like about RSS and newsreaders? All in one place shopping and once they are there it will be very nice. But still I do like going out and looking at people blogs. I like to look and see what they have updated, new things they have added, colors, photos, etc…
  • How do you think you might be able to use this technology in your school or personal life?Sure, there are some many blogs out there for info for work and for fun. Perhaps there are too many! Its easy to get sucked in and waste away hours!
  • How can teachers or media specialists libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology? Yep, them can set up for their library and tell folks whats happening in their library, like new books, programs, special things going on.
  • Which tool for finding feeds was easiest to use? I think I like Google Reader best.
  • What other tools or ways did you find to locate newsfeeds? Google Reader has a Discover and search for feeds thing. Also I have been looking at the sites I like and notice the little orange button to subscribe for a feed.