New Philip Pullman book with Lyra!

I just received an email from, my all time fav bookstore in London with a blurb on the new book coming out by Philip Pullman and its another story with Lyra! Very exciting!


"When Lyra is studying at Oxford University, she comes across the story
of Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnisson's first meeting, many years ago, along
with much evidence of the adventure that brought them together. When a young
Texan balloonist, Lee Scoresby, comes down to earth in the harbour of
an Arctic town in the North, little does he realise that he is about to be
embroiled in an out-and-out political brawl. Lee and his daemon,
Hester, find themselves the target of political factions trying to take over
the running (and oil) of the town. And also resident in the town are huge
arctic bears, ignored and patronized by the people and treated like
second-class citizens. When Lee and Iorek first meet, they cement a friendship that
will continue throughout their lives, as the tensions and pressure in town
lead to a deadly conclusion...Another wonderful tale from a master
story -teller, giving us more extraordinary insight into the world of "His Dark Materials".