Summer vacation!

So now that my summer PhD classes have ended, I have about 2 1/2 weeks of summer vacation before starting the fall semester (which officially starts next week). I have been busy getting caught up on my life, seeing friends and family, trying to do a bit of fun reading (I refuse to read any of the books for my fall classes until the PhD fall semester officially begins! Sadly, I have friends who are done with a few of the required fall books. Poor things!), and I have been trying to get use to the new evil MacAir (which refuses to transfer over 1700+ songs from my old HP laptop. It only transferred over the ‘purchased via iTunes’ songs, so about 130 songs. Very odd).

I did cut open the Chocolate Frog that I purchased last month from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My Chocolate Frog’s collectible card was Rowena Ravenclaw. Sadly the chocolate was not very good.

I also went to the racetrack with my mom. I only won on one race, on a horse named ‘Chewy Baca.’ On a $2.00 bet I won $3.60! Yes, I did bet on this horse becuase of the name. If only there was a Star Wars named horse in every race!