Classes this Spring

Someone was asking me the other day what Graduate classes am I taking this Spring Semester. Two very cool and fun classes.

Class #1 is an Independent Study with Dr. Heather Shirey at St. Thomas on ‘African Photography’. Not knowing anything about African Photography, its been interesting trying to find articles and books on the topic, as there is no written book on the history of African Photography. Its slowly coming along and there are truly some brilliant and wonderful African photographers out there. 

Class #2 is at the University of Minnesota with Dr. Catherine Asher on ‘The Diversity of Traditions, Indian Art 1200 to Present’. This class focuses on the Muslim aspect of Indian art, but then also weaves in the Hindu and Jain (plus a little Buddhist influence), because this is India and nothing occurs alone.

I am transferring the U of MN class over to my St. Thomas Master’s in Art History program, so after Spring Semester is over that leaves me with only my Masters paper to write and I will hopefully be done with that that the end of Fall 2008 (this is Master’s degree #3 for those that are counting!).