Thing #4. Photosharing with Flickr

Exploring Flickr in the project for Thing #4. Well I already have a Flickr account, so mark that one off the list! Actually I got the Flickr account this summer after I came back from my trip to South Africa. I was a co-author on a paper at the IFLA conference and came home with 1000+ photos and was looking for a way so share them with friends and family. I ended up posting about 130 or so images in my account, so the best of the best ones I guess you could say. They are attached to my blog and are the ones that come up on the right. I don’t have tags on them, but they what you see are from South Africa in Durban and Johannesburg and also some mountain shots from Lesotho (where I took a day trip), that’s where I am playing in the snow in August!

I know lots of people that post with Flickr and its pretty fun and easy and I also really like the controls on how save or protected you want your photos. I never did put in any tags (just too lazy) or do anything with the groups (once again too busy or lazy, you be the judge). I did have concerns about privacy issues and that was one reason why I did not add any tags. It’s harder to find things if there are no tags.

I took a look at the Library of Congresses photos and they are wonderful! I have always loved old photos and seething the old baseball ones are really fun. I also took a look at Picnik and it looks interesting and if I ever wanted to edit a photo or two that might be a good spot to go.

I was also thinking about this the other day, I think if I was on vacation or away from home for an extended amount of time it might be a good idea to put my photos up on Flickr, while I was on vacation. That way I would not be concerned about my camera and photos being stolen or the airport zapping them when I go thorough security or leaving them behind…etc.