Thing #21 Beyond MySpace: Other Social Networks

Thing #21 continues the Social Networks discussion.

For this one I joined the 23 Things on a Stick Ning. I added a post to the Forum, I left a comment for another member, and I added the Ning badge to my blog (it got cut off a bit).

Ning is very interesting and I like how you can create your own social network. This would be great to use for clubs and in a work environment. I also took a look at Goodreads. I know people who are signed up for this one. Its like social networking but for book people. Very cool.

The only online communities I am a member of is Factbook and now 23 Things Ning. Thats enough for me right now! Too much else going on. The book one Goodreads or Shelffari would be very fun to join and I know people that are in both so I might join one of them in the future.