Thing #8 Share your Creations

So here we are at Thing #8, which wants you to play with more photos or a create and post a slide show. Since my slide shows are usually of the art history variety I decided to make a mosaic with some of my South Africa photos. Once again I had some issues getting it to stick in the post. I ended up creating it and saving it to my desktop and then uploading it in my blog. Then when I uploaded it, the really nice full size version was cut off, so I deleted that out and just added in a tumbnail so that you could see what I was doing.

I have seen other peoples mosaic photos and they are fun to do. Very artsy. Heres the url

For your own personal use, you could create some really fun scrapbooking stuff or make interesting images of your kids or pets! For your library you could create really nice posters, create info for a newsletter, create mosaics of book covers, etc.

The tool was easy to use, except for that whole uploading thing. But then again maybe thats just me!

Yes I would recommend it to others, especially to people with kids.

No, I really don’t use other sharing tools for photos or documents because there has never been a need. But if there is ever a need, I now know where to go to find them.



  1. So why DID the chicken cross the road?? Hehe

    Hurry hurry! Only a couple days left for you to finish the things!!