Thing #9 Online Collaboration Tools

Online Collaboration Tools are the theme for Thing #9.

Using Zoho Writer and Google Docs you can edit and share your documents with multiple people. These tools would be great for when you are writing a paper or project and need to collaborate with others. I have used Google Docs in the past, but just on my own, and have liked all the different functions.

The first item I looked at was Google Docs Declaration of Independence…found at and it was very cute, colorful and lots of people edited the document.

Zoho Writer…found at was interesting, but I found Google Docs more interesting and easier to use. Zoho Write just had edits in one color.

I think that a lot of people are familiar with Google and know how to use the searching function, so they might be more willing to try it, then an unknown system. Both allow editing by other people with passwords, but I found Google Docs to be more colorful. Perhaps I just like Google products more.

I love questions like the last one: What would the Founding Fathers think? Well I believe that this bunch of old dead white dudes, who would not allow women or minorities to vote, would for the most part take issues with so much freedom. But good old Ben Franklin I think would love the internet and any helpful editing tools he would greatly appreciate (after all he was a newspaper publisher).

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  1. Did you know that where are also tools for collaborating on projects together. I’m new to all this topic, so I was excited to find an aplication that can help me to work on the same project togather with my colleagues from other countries. The application is called Wrike. I’m sure there are others, but this one fits our project needs perfectly. I will also check Google Docs and Zoho. Thanks for the tip!