Thing #10 Wikis

Wikis! I just love that word! Wikis are the topic for Thing #10.

Having used wikis in the past I am some what familiar with them. Some of the wikis I looked at where:

Bee Keeping Wiki

and the Princeton Public Library Book Lovers Wiki

I like the idea of the Wiki because it allows anyone, anyone with the password that is, to add on and share information. A wiki would be great for a group project or for a class discussion or to get comments about an event or project. Well, in the online classes that I teach I ban Wikipedia for research papers, but allow it for finding info for discussions and images. Wikipedia is not scholarly and with no authors listed it is sooo not a good resource to use when writing a paper. But for general information its just fine.

I added a brief entry to the 23 Things Wiki. I liked how people attached images of their pets.