Happy B-Day Abe and Chuck!

Today (Thursday February 12, 2009) is the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin!

Its amazing to think that these two men who had such a global impact on our society are turning the big 2-0-0.

Fun birthday items today include the US Mint unveiling 4 new Lincoln pennies and in England the Royal Mail came out with new Galapagos wildlife stamps and the Bristol Zoo gave free admission to anyone wearing a beard-fake or real (Darwin was known for his long, gray beard). This year also marks the 150 anniversary of the publication of On The Origin of Species.


The photo of Charles Darwin is from 1869 and Abraham Lincoln is from 1861. Both images are from Life/Google images




For more info on Abe:



For info on Chuck there is a great site called The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online and it has just that…full text of his books!