Spring is here, well, kind of

My “Cat Grass: Blooms in a Bag” sprouted!

Looking for something green and with spring overtones (aka green), I tried once again to grow something. I am not a gardener. Things tend to turn brown and die when I plant them or try to water them, but apparently I have hit on just the right thing to plant. I purchased a bag of wheat grass originally designed as a ‘fun cat treat.’ However, as my cat eats and throws up enough without the help of grass in a bag, I purchased and planted the wheat grass for myself. For a few dollars I got a bag (which doubles as a bag to plant the grass in), seeds, and dirt. At the same time I also planted some flowers in a little pot that my sister gave me. So I did some planting, put plastic bags on top of both the grass and flowers (to lock in moisture and heat), and waited. The grass in a bag grew! The flowers in the pot did not. Both got a bit of mold on them. The grass grew like crazy. So I brought the grass to work and gave it a haircut. It looks very spring-y I think, but as my office has no natural sunlight and is practically a cave, we will see if it survives.