Very funny Spring Break list…

One of my very funny fellow PhD students sent this around yesterday. It was too funny (especially if your in the program and you know who the usual suspects are). Here is part and only part of the email…

“You can tell if your a USM International Doctoral student on Spring Break when…”

1. You start raking the leftover leaves from fall.

2. You just took your Christmas lights down

3. You just swept the deck last week.

4. You set up 5 doctors appts in one week.

5. You promise yourself you are going to study yet don’t have the “heart” to put “yourself” through it.

6. You could sleep for an eternity.

7. You find a science project in your fridge.

8. You stop working stats hw out in your dreams.

9. Your cat doesn’t teach you stats in your dreams anymore.

10. Your butt is starting to unflatten itself. hahaha… too funny

11- When you take a “real” shower

12- When you return your friend’s calls from last year

13- When you realize that your next door neighbor has moved and new ones have arrived three months ago

14- When your house does not smell “funky” anymore

15- When you realize you have not looked at yourself enough in the mirror to notice the new wrinkles!

16. You start applying cultural geography theory when you go to Wal Mart.

Haha! Thanks “K” for the email. I still giggle over you telling us about #9!