Roller Derby!

Roller Derby is back! Actually alive and well and being played in Minnesota, all over the country, and even internationally. Minnesota has a few adult women’s leagues, a men’s league and even programs for kids.

So we (Carole, Sloane, Janet, and me) went to see the North Star Roller Girls. Tonight’s theme was “The Totally Awesome 80s Bout: Like Totally!” The Delta Delta Di played against the Kilmore Girls (Delta Delta Di won) and Banger Sisters played against the Violent Femmes (Violent Femmes won). The four periods were each 20 minutes long and went really fast. I was surprised that it was not really like the movie ‘Whip It!’. Not as violent or as fast moving as it seems in the movie and here they skate on a flat track. But it was really fun and I would certainly go again. Those women can really skate! There was also a 80s cover band that played during the halftime, a Burrito Bar, and all sorts of cool souvenirs to buy.