On Friday, I went to the Titanic exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota with my mom. We had seen another touring exhibit on the Titanic a few years ago and this one was just as nice. When you walked in you were given a Boarding Pass and each Boarding Pass had a different real life Titanic person’s name on the back. I was a Mrs. Henry William Frauenthal, a 1st class passenger and my mom got a 2nd class ticket- a Mrs. Edward Ernest Nye (then at the end of the exhibit is a listing of all the people that lived and died and our people lived. So thats good, I guess.). The exhibit had all sorts of artifacts, a living history person posing as the ships purser talking to the passengers (telling us about all the extras, like the Turkish bath, the pool, restaurants, etc), and there were a few different videos playing. They also had a huge chunk of ice, like a little iceberg, that you could touch. They also had some artifacts from the Carpathia (which was sunk by the Germans during WWI). Interesting fact: a lot of people should not have been on board the Titanic, but there was a coal strike going on and many ships going to the United States were canceled. Also a first class berth cost the equivalent of $79,000!

We ended up skipping the Omni Theater. I am a huge fan of the Omni (have attended many a Omnifests), but its an old show on the finding of the Titanic (I believe I had seen it before), and I head from people that it was pretty lame and read some reviews, which said it was bad. Perhaps they should have showed something a bit more current.

If you go, go late Friday night. No one goes Friday nights and its usually totally dead. It was a fun exhibit and I would certainly recommended it.