A week of awards

Last week was a fun week. Besides seeing Celine and passing my Arabic class (I was taking Beginning Arabic 1101 and was planning on not passing, but some how I ended up passing…wild) I was the winner of the “Flynn Carsen (The Librarian) Adventure Award” Duck Awards at my work. It came with a Indiana Jones action figure and a little ducky. They were giving out fun awards at work last Friday (sadly I could not make the party and awards) and this is the one that I received! Haha! Its totally me (librarian, archaeologist- I was going to be an archaeologist and its what my first masters is in, and I just loved the Librarian and Indiana Jones movies).

My parents won 3rd place in their little town for Christmas decorations! They have been decorating for years (their yard usually looks like Christmas exploded) and somehow this year they won. Also during the holidays their town has Santa on a firetruck driving around waving at everyone (you can tell that the firetruck is for Christmas and not a fire due to the blaring Christmas songs).

Photos of my award, some of my parents Christmas decorations and Santa on a firetruck.

Update: I was told that my award read: To Melissa goes the Flynn Carsen “The Librarian” Adventure Award because she experiences so many “adventures” in the library.

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