Last night I went to see Celine Dion in concert with my mom Carole, aunt Sue and my mom’s friend Janet. Celine puts on a good show (haha…just like Neil Diamond). This was her makeup concert for when she canceled back in October (yes she did apologize for canceling that show).

The concert was to begin at 8pm, but she had an opening act (a comedian) so she did not appear on stage until after 9pm. She sang and did two encores (the last one was the song from Titanic ‘My Heart Will Go On’) and was done by 10:45pm. So the concert was a bit short. I am not a huge fan, but she does have a great voice.

The Target Center is a terrible place for concerts (they have recently improved the sound, but getting in was a nightmare-masses of people all entering at the same time, security searches and overall very disorganized) and our tickets were in the nosebleed section (in other words 4 rows away from the wall and as high as you can get). And luckily my uncle Steve drove us and picked us up, so no parking issues. Thanks uncle Steve!

Here are some photos taken with my iPhone