Thing #13 Online Productivity Tools

Thing #13 is about finding online applications which help you save time!

These time saving items might include anything from spreadsheets, to blogs, to RSS aggregators,, Google Docs, etc.

One item that I have used and have an account in is iGoogle. iGoogle is a customized webpage that lets you add items (widgets) to it. I like it and occasionally use it, but I think its a version or two away from really helping to save me time. I know lots of people that use it, to store all sorts of items (they have different tabs for work, different clubs and activities, etc). I also sometimes use My Yahoo! I cant decide which one I like better, both have pros and cons. iGoogle is much more colorful I think.

I also like the calender feature on Google because it allows people you give permission to see your calender. I think this is a great tool to have at work and at home. Or if you are coordinating a lot of different people have one calender that everyones where to look, is a goo idea.

I took a look at the to-do lists and I think they are too much work, same with the online stick notes. In my opinion is just easier to grab a real sticky or post-it note and create your to-do list that on that. Saves time and you don’t need to turn on your computer to see it!

I took a look at Backback and it reminds me a lot of Google calender, excetp it has extras like discussions. I did not sign up for it beucase I would never use it.

I have used the GoogleDocs if I need to covert items into a PDF. I have used it in the past and its pretty easy to use.