Thing #12 Do you Digg?

Thing #12 is about finding news information via social media sites. These type of sites include: Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Mixx, etc. The public is allowed to post and vote on the most interesting stories and it then ranked them. I don’t know about you, but it concerns me a bit when you get to vote off news that you don’t like or you disagree with. While it is really handy and its nice to share news and information, I will stick with my BBC news thank you very much.

You can uses these tools in your library to get younger people excited about reading the news and sharing items that they are excited in. You could also create lists and email off news to people. Personally I think they would be a productivity detractor. Really who has all that time to read and post? Would it not be easer if you wanted to share with your friends and family just to write about it and post it to your blog? Nope, I have never read a story on any of these digg sites. I like watching the news on TV, checking out BBC online and reading the old fashion print version (maybe that comes from working in the library at the Pioneer Press or perhaps its the grandparents influence as they got the paper everyday).

I originally went and look at Digg but they wanted to much information to create an account. So next I tried Mixx and created an account with just my email and password. I submitted a story off of the Star Tribune about the Stillwater Lift Bridge! I liked how Mixx gave you 15 minutes to edit or delete out your story. When I went to look for my submission it was under Recent News Stories, this is what I found…

Stillwater Lift Bridge back to normal after freezing in the up position view details


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