Thing #14 LibraryThing

LibraryThing is the topic of Thing #14. I know many people who have their books listed in LibraryThing, but I have never gotten around to creating an account.

Creating an account was super easy. You put in a account name, password and an email address if you want to. Looking over the site I love how you get to enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 in one year, and $25 for life! I know many people that would hit the 200 mark easily!

Entering in the books is easy, you can just add in the title, isbn, author, etc. Then it finds the book for you and you click on it and its added! You can add tags or star ratings. There is also a button to quickly take out your added book. I added in 6 books. Then I created a widge, which I added to the left. There are a variety of different types of widgets you can add to your blog to show off your books. Its really nice that they give you such a variety. One of my books that I entered only had 9 other people that also listed it, but another book had 230, so that was pretty exciting.

LibraryThing would be great for your library because you could list your most current titles. LibraryThing would be great for sharing different types of book lists. There are also a lot of different groups that people can look at and join and a bunch are even I other languages. Their blog is really nice also.

I also have friends who do the shelfari, which is very similar to LibraryThing.

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