Guyana photos

Back home!

I love to travel (I just hate airports and the hassle it is to fly these days), but its always good to be back home. I had a great time in Guyana, learned a lot, met a bunch of very nice people, visited some very beautiful mosques and survived the weather (both in Guyana and Hurricane Fay which almost got in our way in the Caribbean). My sister also had a good time, despite the fact that she originally did not think she was going to.

Before I left Guyana I had more computer issues and accidentally deleted out a bunch of comments. So if I deleted our your comment sorry about that (I deleted out some of my comments also).

I ended up taking over 900 photos in Guyana. A bit much you might ask? Not with a digital camera! I have downloaded some into my Flickr account (click the little boxes on the right) if you want to see photos of the trip and I hope to have the majority of them labeled soon.

Otherwise here are some photos:


  1. Those are great pictures of the falls, Melissa. I’m not exactly encouraged by that yellow-brownish-looking water though. :~

  2. Hi Josh,


    It’s brown because of the soil in the Amazon Rain Forest. We were told there that a local legend says if you wash your face in it, your face will look 10 years younger or something like that (the old fountain of youth legend). So Michelle did! I however remembered the words of my travel doctor and chose not too. But I did touch the water, sadly no regeneration.

    The water did look pretty clear and clean, but they also use mercury in Guyana to pan for gold (but I think they are after diamonds in this area of Guyana). So who knows how clean it really is.