Thing #16 Student 2.0 Tools

Thing #16 deals with student tools and assignment calculators.

In the past I have looked at it and even recommenced the assignment calculators to students, but I often wonder if anyone really uses them. They are really helpful tools and I have even tried it for my own papers that I was working on (it was fun to see how far behind I was). The calculators do a nice job of creating the steps and you can even have email reminders sent out to get you modivated, but I never did follow all the steps (just one or two at the beginning).

They can help you help students plan and set goals for their work, especially if they have a lot of classes. I think freshmen who are new to the whole college experience and writing papers would benefit the most. It would help them become more organized. It would be of use for creating timelines for library projects, but sticking to them is always the hardest part.