Thing #5. More Flickr Fun

Well I admit it, I have been slacking with my ’23 Things on a Stick’! But here I go, getting back into the groove 🙂

But Thing #5 was very fun, its basically playing around with photos. So I first spelled my name with flickr (but I had issues trying to get the code to work on my blog). Then I Warholized Fred. But the Warholized Fred did not turn out too well, but I would certainly try it again and I did not like how they did not give you the code.

I also tried Color Fields Colr Pickr and that was fun to play with all the different colors. and it would be great to use with kids in a art project, but I wounder about content.

You could use these tools as a way to advertise your library. Also to get people excited about what you are doing in your library. Sharing photos online is fun, but it is very time consuming. I have also noticed a new trend. Some of my friends and relatives are creating blogs with photos of their kids. A very cool way to show off the kids to friends and family.

M Bead Letter E Black L, with tree I_McElman_070718_2970 Pewter Lowercase Letter s s A


  1. Melissa,

    Thanks! is very cool. Loved the Alien photos one or Your photos in art museums. Thats must be where you created the photo on your blog of Pete and the post-it notes 🙂 Very cute. And the sketch ones that you had up of Pete and the house. There are some really cool things out there.

    Also take a look at…