The ever growing list of things to read

Looking for a great graphic novel? Then you need to try Indian author Sarnath Banerjee’s ‘Corridor’ and ‘The Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers’. ‘Corridor’ was great and then I had to wait for to send me a new copy of ‘The Barn Owl’ because they sent a beat up used looking thing. Anyways, Banerjee’s infuses pop culture, India’s great history, culture, drawings and photos to create some unique graphic novels.


Other new books I am starting to read include ‘Women Explorers’ and ‘Amelia Earhart’ two books in the very cool Women Who Dare series by Pomegranate Press and the Library of Congress. As well as ‘Gorilla Mountain: the story of wildlife biologist Amy Vedder’ which is one of a series of books from the National Academy of Sciences and Scholastic called Women’s Adventures in Science. Each book is based on a living female scientist!


Another one in the reading lineup: ‘Rex Libris #10’ the comic book featuring Librarian Rex Libris and his unending battle against the forces of evil.


And in my ever growing pile of books to read for the Master’s paper: ‘Deconstructing the American Mosque: Space, Gender, and Aesthetics’ by Akel Ismail Kahera, ‘America’s Masajid & Islamic Centers: A Pictorial Account’ by Amir Muhammad and ‘Muslim Veterans of American Wars’ also by Amir Muhammad (although ‘Muslim Veterans of American Wars’ does not have anything to do with my MA paper topic, which will be on Guyana mosques, it looked interesting).