The end of September

Where did September go? I was at Target yesterday (Friday) and it was bright and sunny and 80+ degrees outside. Inside the store they have pumpkins and Halloween candy (plus Starbucks had yummy pumpkin bread for sale…if you see it, try it…its really good) all ready for October. I even got Che this cute little Halloween hat. As you can imagine, he was not amused.

I have been thinking about dog sledding lately. Figures. Only I would think of a vacation in the snow and cold when its summer (well, now fall) and 80+ degrees outside. To almost everyone I know this will come as a surprise, as I am not usually the outdoorsy type of gal and my idea of camping usually consists of ordering room service (yes, I have camped out on archaeological digs and other places, stayed in way too many places in Central and South America where a tent would be a step up. So I am way over the novelty of camping). Anyways, I wanted to go last year, but the lodge/outfitters I am interested in (up in northern Minnesota) were all booked. So this year I am going to book early. Most places have weekend trip, week long vacations and even dog sledding trips to the Arctic. I am not up to going to the Arctic (but I would love to got to the Antarctic), I do think a weekend or week long vacation trip would be fun.