Racing and the book

Today was a busy day. First of all my book finally arrived in the mail.

It was not the free copy (that is still coming), it was not the copy I ordered from (that was canceled because its on backorder), this copy is one that I purchased directly from McFarland.

The book is an odd size. Its slightly larger than a hardcover book and its bigger then a trade size book (but its paperback). My three co-authored articles are in there and they spelled my name correctly (always a good thing) on the articles and in the Index. But they printed the wrong bio. Months ago I sent the editor a new bio and she sent it on to McFarland and they responded back ‘thanks’. So I figured the new bio would be listed, but its not. Grrr…

But later in the day, after work, I went Running Aces the new Harness Park just north of the Twin Cities. It just opened this past April and they only race until July. Its a really short racing season. The races was lots of fun, I won $3.40 on a $2.00 bet and mom and I ate some great onion rings (where were as big as a softball). We also met up with family friend Tom. Its nice to be close to a race track (only about 15 minutes away)!

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  1. Totally jealous- any time you wan tto go to Canterbury or the new one in Anoka I am there- love watching the races! 🙂 And the one in Caterbury isn’t too far from my hosue.. yes, I know I am in the middle of no where 😉