Walking with the Dinos

Last night, mom (aka Carole) and I went to see Walking with the Dinosaurs: The Live Experience. Tickets have been on sale for weeks, if not months, and it was finally in town and selling out, so they added a few extra shows. But mom wanted to go, so I ordered tickets online on Wed and off we went to the show on Friday. Our tickets turned out to be wonderful (they were the cheap $27 seats too). We had row 5, which turned out to be like row 1, as they had the first 4 rows covered over, and we were on the side (an sometimes you could not see what was happening on the other side) so I can see why they were only $27, but still they were great and its wonderful not to have people infront of you. The audience was about 90% kids under the age of 10. Now because I don’t like kids (and basically would have feed them to the dinos had they been alive) parts of the whole experience could have been better, but they did have lots of fun foods, cotton candy and mini-donuts, etc.

The dinos were wonderful and the storyline was not too dorky. I guess the show is based off of the BBC tv show and has been a huge hit down under in Australia. The best part was being able to see just how big the critters were. You always have this mental image of just how big dinosaurs were, but do see a live visual image infront of you is really interesting. The science seemed pretty accurate from what I could tell (but then I know more about archeology then paleontology). The show only lasted about little more then an hour, so it was pretty short (30, intermission, and the final 35 minutes).

They have a website where you can look for shows, learn about the show and order merchandise http://www.dinosaurlive.com/ . Overall a great show. Next week STAR WARS!

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  1. I totally agree with your review of Walking with the Dinosaurs. It was wonderful and I would highly recommend it for people of all ages. Thank you for taking me.
    aka, MOM