Did the Romans play D&D?

One interesting story out today (on Wired and a bunch of other blogs) is that Christie’s sold a 2nd century 20-sided Roman glass gaming die. It was “sold by fine arts professor who’s father acquired it in Egypt in the 1920s.” Also no one is sure what it was used for. No early games used a 20-sided die and no D&D is not that old! It sold for $17,925. But what people don’t realizes is that it sold back in 2003. Hello people, read the fine print.

Photo from Christie’s website http://www.christies.com/Lotfinder/lot_details.aspx?intObjectID=4205385

But Christie’s is having a Impressionists sale in a few days and anyone looking for a half-birthday gift for me should remember that the Monet water lilies painting starts at $34 million! ūüôā