Now showing at the Wangensteen Historical Library

The Wangensteen Historical Library at the U of MN has a great exhibit about the Nursing program turning 100 years old. The U has the oldest degree program in the world for nurses (before degree programs, hospitals would do their own training). The exhibit has photos, clothing, and a host of other items.

I was also digging around some files today at the Wangensteen and found brochures from the United State’s ‘Office of Alien Property Custodian.’ Apparently the ‘Office of Alien Property Custodian’ dealt with books that the government had ‘liberated’ during WWII and were making copies available in the early 1940s (aka…before the war ended. Interesting don’t you think). I love how they have stamped ‘Confidential, Not for Publication,’ yet were sending out these catalogs to librarians, scientists, archives and researchers around the country (aka people who like to talk and share information) telling them what they had.