2 lectures and 1 box of business cards

Yesterday I went to an interesting lecture from the History of Medicine folk (it was in Diehl Hall, so it was easy to find. haha). It was “Yellow Jack’s Last Stand: Battling Disease to Build the Panama Canal” by C.C. (“Bud”) Clawson, M.D., University of Minnesota. Then today I went to a lecture called “Time, Space and the Progress of History in the Medieval Map” by Conrad Rudolph, University of California, Riverside hosted by the Art History Department and the Center for Medieval Studies.

While the Medieval Map lecture had about 50 people (vs about a dozen or so at the Yellow Fever talk), it was the duller of the two. I like maps and have a degree in GIS and cartography, so I was pretty excited about this talk, but sadly it was just not that interesting (I saw people falling asleep, so apparently I was not the only one who found it a bit dull), but it did have some nice old map images. So the Yellow Fever or Yellow Jack lecture was more interesting of the two. I knew about 50% off what he was talking about (being a Teddy Roosevelt fan and having had a yellow fever shot- for my trip to Guyana), but it was still interesting.

My exciting news of the day, is that I finally got business cards! Ooh…ahhhh…I have been at the Bio-Med for over 2 years and finally got around to getting them (OK, so I am a bit slow, but I did move into a different office and I was also waiting for the MA degree to be completed).

Finally, here are a few photos of the R22 that I am flying for my private license.