Crazy week!

It has been a crazy week!

The fun news:

I am the new column editor for a column called “Special Libraries, Special Challenges” which is published in the library journal Public Services Quarterly. I received an email at the beginning of the week asking me if I would be interested and I said YES! I have never been an editor before so it should be interesting.

I also joined the 99s (The Ninety-Nines, Inc. The International Organization of Women Pilots), which is an organization for women pilots (actually you need to be a student pilot or a pilot to join) and one of the founding members was Amelia Earhart.

On Saturday, my mom and I went to see ‘Mary Poppins’ the musical. We had great seats and the musical was excellent, but I think they added in too many new songs (vs. old songs from the movie). The best number was the “Chim Chim Cher-ee,” its the one with all the chimney sweeps.

My third cousin Shannon got married Saturday to Brandon. Congrats!!!

And family friends Tom and Katheryn got married in Vegas on Wednesday! Congrats!!!

I also got a chance to visit the Upper Midwest Jewish Archives, to do some research on synagogues in Minnesota, which is over in Anderson Library at the U of MN. Its a great archive. When I was leaving Anderson Library, I got a chance to visit the “Muslim Spain: Conquest, Expulsion, Legacy, 711-2009” exhibition. Its an interesting exhibit with some really cool old books. There was suppose to be a conference next week on the ‘1609 Expulsion of the Moriscos’, but it has been canceled (no idea why).

But this week was also not so good in that my grandma went into the hospital two times, family friend Janet also went into the hospital and Che (my cat) keeps throwing up like he is a teenager with a eating disorder. He feels this need to wake me up in the middle of the night to let me know he is throwing up-yep very kind. So as you can imagine, I have not been getting that much sleep.

Also after ordering three modems from Amazon, talking to Comcast 4 times about said modems and one visit at 8:30AM Friday morning from the Comcast dude, the Comcast dude could not fix the new modem and the internet connection and I am forced to continue rending a Comcast modem (and paying $3.00 per month)! Ick!

Photos from this past week: