Manuscript Camp Day 3

Today at Manuscript Camp:
9-10 Lecture on “Paleography: Part 1” by Diane Anderson
1030-1150 Lecture on “Paleography: Part 2” by Diane Anderson
1-3 Practicum: Transcribing exercises; Transcribing focus manuscript using accepted norms; comparison with printed texts
330-430 Presentation “Early Printed Books” by Matthew Heintzelman

Another interesting day at Manuscript camp. The lectures on Paleography covered a LOT of information. We even had time to watch Viking Kittens (check it out, its super funny!). For the Practicum I looked at some of their Ethiopian Manuscripts that are online. Quite a few had images of someone slaying a dragon. So after doing some research I found out that apparently St. George is the patron saint of Ethiopia and the image is used in manuscripts and in churches.

The presentation on Early Printed Books was really interesting. They had a facsimile of the Gutenberg bible and other books from the 1400s, 1500s, etc.