Landings last week

It was a busy week so there was no time to blog about my FIRST landing!!! By myself!!! All the other landings I have done I had help, but Thursday was my first solo landing- which Instructor Cheryl did not tell me about until it was over. Which was probably a good thing.

I can handle takeoffs, although I tend to veer towards the sides and ride the breaks too much (followed with some colorful phrases), but landings still freak me out. Its like your doing 60 and the ground is coming in faster than you think. Way too much going on.

The scary thing that happened during Thursdays lesson was that the Cessna had engine issues. An instructor and student were taking off and the engine had issues. Even I, sitting in the hanger, could hear that it sounded really rough. But they were able to land without any problems. A good lesson to learn on always listening to your airplane, because if it sounds bad, do not fly!

I got to tried out the new kneeboard and it worked wonderfully.

Finally, the airport also got a new gate (actually I hear all the entrances are getting new gates). Which is very exciting! Not really, but I hope my code works the next time I need to get into the airport.


  1. Congrats on your first solo landing! I know I couldn’t do what you’re doing. Good job.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks! Its been really fun and scary too, but a good scary. Plus I find that the it gets me thinking in a totally different way (which is good for those little gray cells).