Flying to St. Paul

Today I flew to St. Paul!

It was a short flight, only taking 15 minutes or so to fly to the St. Paul Downtown Holman Field Airport. I had never flown there before, but I had visited there a few times and flying is certainly more fun than driving there.

The airport is in an interesting, beautiful spot. It’s basically in downtown St. Paul and in a bend in the Mississippi, so the runways are surrounded by water on both sides. To get to the airport I just needed to fly south following 35E, turn left when I hit the downtown area, fly over the Mississippi and landed. The airport even had a pilot notice (warning) about a couple of eagles on one the runways! How cool is that.

After doing two landings, we stopped so that I could get my Fly Minnesota Airports! passport stamped. I also said something kind of dorky to the Tower when I was talking to them and they howled with laughter. One of their responses back to me was “perhaps we should make the signs bigger for you!” Both Instructor Cheryl and I were laughing hysterically in return. When learning to fly, it’s important to have a sense of humor!