Just another manic Monday

Another busy Monday. I stopped on my way into work today at my Grandma’s. She is 90+ and today she is doing well. I had a chance to look at her garden and its looking a little sad. It use to be 75% bigger, but now has only 2 or 3 veggie/fruit growing and they are looking kind of sad. But the tomato in the tomato planter that I got her (for her birthday when I was doing the ’90 Days of Kay’) is growing like crazy! There were even some tomatoes almost ready to be eaten.

Then when I got to work, I went up to the 3rd floor and found that they are almost done building new study rooms. Yesterday there was nothing in the spot and today there are 5 new rooms. To make space for the new rooms, a bunch of bookshelves had to be removed and the journals that lived on the bookshelves had and are currently being moved around the library and sent to storage.