I voted, I voted

Just back from voting!

The whole process took less then 15 minutes! Three people were in front of me. After I cast my ballot and put it into the machine I was #267! Ohhh….ahhhh…

Then I stopped for gas and paid $1.99 a gallon! Wow…its been a while since its been that low (and here I remember the ‘good old days’ of $.99 per gallon).


  1. I’m jealous – for such a big and exciting election, I wish I was in the US. I can’t decide – stay up late, or try to get up early early.

  2. Melissa…stay up late 🙂 you know you want to. I remember staying up for the Gore vs. Bush. Ahh memories!

    Haha Carole, remember its not the years its the mileage 🙂