I found snow!

On my way into work today, I went looking for and found the last bit of snow in Minneapolis (OK, the last bit of snow that I know of, but is June and do you really think that there is that much around?)! This past very snowy winter a pile of snow of about 4 stories tall accumulated from all the snowplowing around the University. I would occasionally drive by the snow mound and notice that it never really melted. So after our 103 temperature two days ago, I figured it must be gone. No. Its still with us, but only about 2 feet high. Apparently Minnesota snow cannot be killed by 103 degrees!


Update: According to my friend Cece its called snirt, which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “The stuff that piles up in parking lots and along side the road in the midwest during the winter. Not quite snow, not quite dirt.” http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=snirt. I like that word. Snirt. Hmmm. You really do learn something new every day!