Painting, planes, and pilots

Today was the Minnesota Chapter of the 99s Meeting, Officer Changeover, and Airmarking at the South Saint Paul Fleming Field Airport. Basically it was 7 hours of helping to paint a new compass rose at the airport. The 99s are known for their airmarking and no two compass roses in Minnesota are the same (the MN Chapter makes it a point of always creating a new slightly different design).

This was my second airmarking (I attended one last year) and it was much cooler (both weather wise and attitude wise), as the temp was in the 60s and 70s and also very cloudy and windy. We also had a parade of people (mostly a bunch of old pilots who meet at the airport Saturday mornings) stopping by to see what we were up to, a host of airplanes taxing by (we were on the taxi way), and we also got to see some really fun airplanes. The people that stopped by were really nice and thanked us for painting the compass rose, as they have not had one in years (if ever). One local pilot, who is a big supporter of the South Saint Paul airport and aviation, gave us $40 for beer money for when we were done, as a gesture of thanks for supporting the airport. How nice was that!

Also during the chapter meeting, I was elected Secretary for the Minnesota chapter of the 99s for the 2011-2012 season! I have always been very excited and proud to be a member of the 99s (both the International organization and the local Minnesota chapter) and I was very excited to be asked and elected.

A great day with the Minnesota 99s!