Hello from Guyana!

Its hot, really hot and its like 100% humidity! Did I mention how hot it is? Really, really hot…

The internet at the hotel is really, really slow (its taking me forever to grade my classes and some of the PowerPoint’s will not open…very odd) or not working. So no photos right now, but when I get home I will put them (300+ so far) in my fickr account.

So here is what we (me and Michelle) have done so far:

Friday 8/8: flight leaves Minneapolis 7:20am, then off to Miami, then Trinidad which had a delay and finally Guyana. Arrive at hotel just past 1am.

Saturday 8/9: Visit to Kaieteur Falls and Baganara Island Resort 9-5. Travel via a puddle jumper plane 8 people + pilot (with everyone, snacks and the pilot we were at the weight maximum, so there was no room or weight left for the tour guide! – yes, they made us all get weighed with our luggage).

Sunday 8/10: Recovering from sunburn and resting up from yesterday. Met with Ferzanna a civil engineer who has helped design 2 mosques. Michelle spend the day at the pool. Talked to Kamla (a local Guyanese and a contact I have here in Guyana. I have been emailing her brother and he has also been very helpful. A very nice family) about hiring a taxi and touring around-looking at mosques and other sites of interest with her daughter Leela.

Monday 8/11: Visited the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission to buy maps of Guyana. Then we went to the CIOG (Central Islamic Organization of Guyana). Then we were off to 3 different mosques. And we also had time to visit the local shopping mall (Michelle wanted to go) and the St. George Cathedral. More swimming by Michelle (yes she is turning into a fish) in the pool and a hotel room switch at 10pm (due to water gushing out of the A/C) rounded out the night.

More mosque visits today and it looks hot/humid day. Now if only the internet will stay on…