Crazy week

A totally crazy week with lots to do and its not over yet!

Last night Michelle, her fiance Ilyasse and his parents went for supper at my mom and dad’s house. Now Ilyasse’s parents do not speak English and my parents do not speak Arabic, but apparently everyone had a good time. I did not attend- as I had to work.

Then tomorrow the week gets crazier as Michelle and I leave for Guyana. I remember when traveling use to be fun. Now its all about paying extra for luggage and making sure your less then 3oz liquids all fit into a ziplock baggy. On Saturday we are booked to visit Baganara Island (located in the Essequibo River) and then we are flying to Kaieteur Falls (which boast a single drop of 741 feet). The Falls are in the Kaieteur National Park, which is located between the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers. Sunday we might be meeting with a few people and then on Monday the research begins! I am hoping to visit as many mosques (plus a library or archive and a few temples and churches) as possible. I am not too sure of the exact number I will get a chance to visit. So I am just trying to ‘play it by ear’ or ‘going with the flow’, which I must admit I am not to good at. I tend to like a well organized schedule.

Also hoping for no hurricanes! But tis the season ūüôā