BSG Dog tags

As most people know I am a huge Sci-Fi fan and one of my favorite shows (which sadly ends next week) is Battlestar Galactica. Luckily, there is a ton of very cool and fun merchandise celebrating the show. For a while I thought I would buy the very cool toaster, but I don’t eat breakfast or toast and I have no room for it, so I decided to go with the BSG Dog Tags! The blub on the SciFi Store website reads:

Your Dog Tags, Your Name, Your Way.

Welcome, nugget, to the most important job you or anyone else in your Gods-forsaken family tree will ever hope to have – the preservation of Humanity. You and your fellow pilots and marines are the human wall between us and the toasters. Without you, mankind would be nothing but a lot of grease spots on a lot of rubble back home. And it’s only through your efforts that what little remains of our civilization doesn’t end up a debris cloud. But before you can lay down your life in defense of your fellow human beings, you better get your name on your dog tags, so we know you’re one of us and not one of them. And, if you ever let down your guard, they can identify what’s left when the frakkin’ toasters are done with you.

Ahhh…to order go to

My Dog Tags finally came in (taking about 6 weeks to arrive). You get a little card with your ‘induction orders’, the aluminum case to hold the tags, a 24′ golden chain, a bag to store them in, and your two tags.