A busy Wednesday

So today has just been crazy! I was up at the crack of dawn working on some corrections for my MA paper presentation (it is a bit hard to squish 65 pages of text down to 7 pages. 7 pages is about 15 minutes of talk time. The total page count- 116 pages). Then I ran over to the U of St. Thomas to do a run through of my paper for tomorrows talk.

Next I went to the secret art history storage facility where I got to see some really cool Asmat art. Sadly it was dark (hello, storage area for very fragile works of art) and my iPhone camera does not work well in the low light. Oh well. Then off to Acme Deli over in St. Paul with my friend and fellow Art History grad student Cece (thanks for lunch Cece!). At Acme Deli you get to build your own sandwich, which are really good. Photo below of my ham and cheese with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts and carrots, plus a cookie.

Then I was back to UST to see if I could buy a tassel. I have a small collection of tassels from various degrees. So I went up to the lady working the ‘pick up your grad cap and gowns’ table and asked if it was possible to buy a tassel. She asked in a extremely cranky voice for my student ID and what my undergrad degree is in (oh bless her cranky little heart! I dont look that young). MA in Art History I replied. She then located my name on her list of May grads. Which for some reason I found to be very cool, as I am not doing the ceremony (been there and done that for other degrees) and did not expect my name to be on anyone’s cap and gown list. After she checked my name of the list and was getting ready to give me a tassel, she asked if I wanted the cap and gown too because they are free! Sure! You just never know when a cap and gown will come in handy, right? Like for Halloween or if I decided to build a piece of artwork out of graduation caps (haha, remember that scene in Twilight). I also bought a t-shirt from UST. I never bought one while going there, but now that I will be officially graduated in 3 days, I thought that it seemed like a good time to buy.

Next it was off to work and a day filled with 2 interviews (we are hiring 2 new student workers) and a meeting, where I made the mistake of volunteering for two different things. I know, I know, never volunteer, but I was the one whining about the stuff, so I thought I probably should volunteer.

Then as today is traditionally pizza Wednesday and we were pizza’ed out there in the library (we ordered on Monday- 1/2 Philly cheese and 1/2 mac and cheese) we decided to go for the sushi (plus they deliver). Azuki Japanese Restaurant is just down the street and I ended up getting the Banana Split (fired green tea ice cream-which they forgot to fry), edamame, and the vegetable roll. So in all, a long, but highly productive day.


  1. Hi Melissa,

    It was good! Especially the vegetable rolls from the sushi place. Say what you will about Minnesota, we do have good food!