The Big Bang Theory!

Have you seen the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”? Well, if not, you should. One of my favorite shows, it’s about the lives of four brilliant, but geeky scientists, their blond struggling actress next door neighbor, and now a few girlfriends (also brilliant scientists). The show also throws in a host of famous scientists, science fiction characters and actors, and references to many TV shows, movies, and comic books.

So a while back, Co-creator and Executive Producer Bill Prady Tweeted that he was giving out a Big Bang Theory Challenge Coin to those that sent him one. So I started my search for a Challenge Coin. I called and emailed all around the U of MN looking for one. Nothing. The U of MN does not do Challenge Coins I learned and neither does the U library system. My flying club is looking into them, nothing yet, but apparently coming soon (Sorry Jack for asking about them. Really!). So I emailed the Big Bang Theory Challenge Coin information to two friends, as Madeline and Jane are also big fans of the show, and Madeline’s boyfriend Brian promptly sent off a challenge coin from his GIS job and received one in return (But can Brian find a coin for me. Noooo. Yes, Brian I am still waiting for my coin). So my fantastic friend Jane gave me one from the military to send in. So last week I sent the coin and a note off to Bill Prady and today I received a package with a coin and note back! Thanks Bill Prady!