Anjuman-E-Asghari Masjid visit

So the main part of my day today was spent taking a tour of the Anjuman-E-Asghari Masjid. Everyone was very kind and answered my questions about the building and let me take photographs. They even gave two books: ‘The Holy Quran’ and ‘A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam’. How nice is that! Its just been a little over 10 years since they opened their first new building and they now have 3 beautiful buildings. The buildings blend in so well with the surrounding neighborhood, that you might drive by and not even notice that they was there.


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Well, at this masjid there is no design on it. There is tape to line up the people. At the other two masjids, the carpet has a niche design with other design elements to line up the people and to have them face the quibla wall.