A Klingon Christmas Carol

Tonight was the Opening Performance of “A Klingon Christmas Carol.” It is being performed at the Mixed Blood Theater this year. The Mixed Blood Theater is a tiny theater (holds about 200 people) over on the West Bank of the U of M campus. Which was great because I was able to park on campus with my parking pass for free!

The show started right on time and it was packed! A full house. It had one 15 minute intermission and lasted a little over an hour, so it was a bit short, but so much fun! It was much more humorous then I was expecting (my mom Carole, who went with me, also thought it was pretty funny and she is not a big Star Trek fan, but she got most of the jokes-such as references to ‘the Red Shirts,’ ‘Ferengi,’ but not sure if she got the ‘Undiscovered Country’ reference). The play was narrated by a Vulcan and there was even a cool transporter part. The play was entirely in Klingon and the English subtitles were projected on a screen for everyone to read.

After the play was over there was a Klingon Bird-of-Pray cake with a 4-foot wing span made of red velvet cake (which tasted really good and made by Celebration Generation Cakes) and photos with everyone’s adopted Klingon’s. My name was even in the program for adopting a Klingon.

Both my mom and I had a great time and I would certainly see the play again or next year.