A beautiful spring day!

Today was a beautiful spring day. The temperature was in the 60s here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. But once again it was a busy Saturday. I was up late last night and ended up driving over to Walmart to buy ‘Twilight’ at 12:01am, but sadly the Walmart nearest me was closed (most are open 24/7 so that’s why I went there. Otherwise I try not shop at Walmart). So Saturday morning (at 8:30am) after my class at the YMCA (my class was at 7:05am. This is way, way to early in my opinion), I was able to get the movie at Target. There were a few other women also buying the movie. I watch them walk in the store and make a beeline for the movie display. Haha. Yes, I know its a bad movie with really bad acting, but the book was soo good. I just could not resist.

Later in the afternoon I stopped at my local library to pick up Jason Goodwin’s book “The Snake Stone”. Its the second book with his Investigator Yashim character. I really liked Goodwin’s first book “The Janissary Tree” and how he wove in historical people, places and buildings around Istanbul. The second one has something to do with a dead archaeologist, so I am really looking forward to reading it. While at the library I took at look at the ‘for sale books’. I usually never due this, but I did this time and ended up buying some fun books all for a total of $6.00! Here is Che taking a look at what I bought.