A Cold March Day

Today was a busy day, despite the fact that I did not have to work. Its Spring Break at the U and I did not have to work today. Friday is a floating Holiday at the U, so I was able to take Thursday off as the floating Holiday. Its nice to have a three day weekend.

So I was up bright and early in the 30 degree weather (a bit too cold) and went to the Masjid an-Nur. The Masjid is the topic for my MA paper in Art History. And once again I got lost getting there. I dont know what it is about North Minneapolis, but I always get turned around. It should be easy with the Mississippi River and a few major streets, but no. I ended up many streets away from where I needed to be and my old city map (roughly 20+ years old) fell apart in my hands. I eventually made it to the Masjid where I had a nice talk with the Imam about the history of the Masjid. Then I took a ton of photos or about 200+. I love my digital camera! The Masjid an-Nur is unique in Minnesota in that it is the first Masjid to have a dome and minaret.

Here are a few photos from today. To see more photos of the Masjid, see my Flickr account.