A way cool website

One of my student workers Paul just had to show me this website today and let me say its totally cool! Perhaps even one of the funnies websites I have read…its called…”The Baddass of the Week”! This weeks ‘Baddass of the Week’ is none other then Han Solo (ok there were two, Che Guevara is the other one, but I like Solo more).

So every Friday since 2004, there has been a new posting a new Baddass of the Week. Among the list are lots of fictional characters (including Solo, Indy, The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Inigo Montoya of ‘you killed my father, prepared to die’ fame), some historical people (like Sir Francis Drake, Anne Bonny, two Churchill’s), etc. If you get further into the site make sure you read his Unofficial Guide to Working at Staples (oh, so funny).

FYI, if you read the site, be aware of the language. There is the warning from the website: “You should probably also be aware that this site features an unnecessarily copious amount of profanity, so if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing then this would be a good time for you to turn off your computer and go join a convent.”