Wicked, the musical, is in town again and we finally got tickets. Carole (aka mom), aunt Sue, cousin Rita and I went. It was sold out and totally packed, and the musical was excellent. The Wizard of Oz is not one of my favorite movies or stories, but I really enjoyed this version of the story. I tried to read the book Wicked a few years ago and did not like it (and actually never finished it).

Here are some phones taken with my iPhone of me and the ladies and also Rita’s Kindle. Rita says she brings it everywhere-even to the voting line (she was reading the book Wicked). Its really lightweight and very cute. But looking at it, I kept wondering about the brightness of the page, as it did not seem that bright. I think I am too much of a book person (I like the feel, the weight of a book, looking at the way the book was bound, the book cover, the font, etc) to buy one. But if I was a person that traveled a lot it would probably be a good idea.