So last night I went to the midnight showing of ‘Twilight’ with Nicky and Jenny. The movie…ahhh…well..its cute (total chick flick). Basically it was painful to watch the acting, but there are some cute scenes (like when Bella meets the Cullen’s at their house-great house!) and if you liked the book you will like (or tolerate) the movie. If you did not read the book you will hate the movie. There is no character development, there are tons of really, really bad lines, and some of the great scenes from the book were totally messed up (for example-the part where Edward walks into the sunlight in the meadow is all messed up). Both the Bella and Edward character look like they are in constant pain and the vampire makeup is really bad. Also keep your eyes open for the Stephenie Meyer’s cameo.

Jenny, Nicky and me
Jenny, Nicky and me

Today I went with my mom and saw ‘Changeling,’ a totally wonderful movie and one with an interesting twist. See the ‘Changeling’, wait for DVD for Twilight (unless you are a fan, then go see it).

p.s. Thanks Jenny for going to the theater early and getting us great seats!


  1. So I read your review and its fits with the critics. So then I had to go and watch my first trailer.

    Just from that I can see how the movie can’t quite live up to what I pictured in my head while reading. Books are always a person’s perfect visualization for them. Just for starts, that dude is not *my* kind of cute.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    When I first saw the trailers for the movie, months ago, the actors did not fit my idea of the characters also. But I think that after you see the movie, they might grow on you a bit.

    Its the hair with Pattinson. They should have let him use his British accent, as his American is not that good.