Via Las Reno!

So yesterday I decided that I wanted to attend the 22nd Annual International Women in Aviation International (WAI) Conference in Reno at end of February (aka in 3 1/2 weeks).  But Melissa, you might be asking, had you not seen the emails sent out for the past year announcing the conference and preregistration? Yes. Had you not seen the notices on the WAI’s website and in their journal? Yes. But sometimes spur of the moment ideas are a good thing! I have never been to Reno before. February in Minnesota is not fun. Reno should be warm. Pilots are totally cool people! And I have never been to an aviation conference before (I have attended a ton of librarian, historian, and art history conferences, as well as the odd GIS, Anthropology, and Archaeology conference- man those Anthro/Archaeology people can drink. Like fishes. Just saying.). So I found some tickets (air and hotel) and now its Via Las Reno (does Reno have a slogan or song or flying Elvis’s?).

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